Nicholas Walster

Inner-Light Series

After a recent near-death experience, I made a commitment to produce in the material what I had envisioned in that brief but profound connection to the spiritual - a catalogue of images seen literally through words (language as chatter, language as elucidator, language as design), depicting what I regarded as pivotal moments in my life. I saw them presented as annexed pieces, sheathed in red velvet, enveloped by the black of mourning, but spotlit, halo-like, to suggest the touch of grace, the kiss of the universal, that can transport the seemingly mundane to the realms of the transcendent.

Each piece consists of a double-framed, archivally printed photograph (on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper) overlaid with archivally reprinted personal writings on DasTrans Film and is produced in a limited edition of six plus two artist's proofs. They vary in sizes from 24"x18" to 32" x 25".

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